Wilson Raps, born Garrett Wilson, is a hip-hop musician from Marietta, Ohio. His music defies the usually very set boundary between party rap and lyrical hip-hop, all while portraying positivity influenced by truth.

Wilson's music career started at age thirteen (2008) when he started playing bass for a few southeastern Ohio bands. His instrumentalist run ended in 2013 after some personal disputes with fellow bandmates that dealt with conflicting morals. Wilson has always been into acoustic alternative performances, playing at coffee shops and venues around the area under his birth name with a sound that's heavily influenced by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and John Mayer.

After some failed attempts at new band start-ups, Wilson decided to try his hand in the hip-hop realm at age 17 and immediately fell in love with the culture.  Initially not the biggest fan of rap, Wilson indulged himself in the genre while researching the rich history and never turned back. His overall goalwith his music is to create an entire new sound by turning the usually negative scene into something that thrives off of positive energy and good vibes.

After dropping his debut mixtape, Camouflage Memories (2013), Wilson decided to step back from the hip-hop realm to search for his sound. During the writing process for his second project, Eyes Wide Shut, Wilson poured his heart out into over 100 songs that were condensed to just 7 released tracks. The social media attention from the follow-up was enough to land him interviews with underground radio stations across the world, including places in Madison, WI & Dublin, Ireland. The hype surrounding the project also landed him shows on the east coast, giving him the opportunity to showcase his passions to crowds of many different age groups and energy levels. These combining efforts gave Wilson the ability to grow a fanbase all over the world in preparation for a free album, his most recent project entitled Cast Away. Releasing in October of 2014, Cast Away is an album in which Wilson dabbled in many rap sub-genres while still maintaining the cohesive, fun-but-serious sound he is known for. This project got national attention from artists like Post MaloneWale, & Domo Genesis of Odd Future.

Wilson's newest release, Worldwide Waves, dropped on his Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify on September 9th, 2016. His fourth effort combines a different, more perfected sound full of hard-hitting bars and catchy hooks that is sure to leave your ears at ease and your minds wandering. The lyrical imagery that he portrays is one of a struggle-ridden young adult who overcame the odds to find successes hidden in every crevasse. His braggadocios storytelling is a part of his truth-ridden image that the majority of our generation tries to deface. This release landed him performance slots on We Are Funhouse's Pillowtalk Release Tour which kicked off late- October 2016

Wilson's next efforts include a large focus on production. He hope he can hone his intelligence and richness in the music field to make sounds that define his style. 

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