Coming from the Mid-Ohio Valley, I know our

community is always in need, & I think i’m finally

in a position to help out.

From 1/1/18 to 3/1/18, I’m doing a canned food

drive to help local food pantries. The catch is, you

get some of my limited edition merchandise in

exchange for cans of nonperishables. You’ll see a

picture above of how many cans i’m charging for

each item, and a slideshow below of what is

available. Or, you can get one of everything (a

$75 value) for just around $30 (30 canned goods).

Sound good to you guys?

I’ve always been super passionate about actually

helping the community and making a real

difference. So I thought, what better way than

this? I can offer you something in exchange for

helping the community.

Hit me up if you’re interested in meeting up to do

an exchange if you don't live in the MOV but would

still like to donate, contact me at!

Let’s help those less fortunate. 

❤️ 🌊 🏄🏼